Our Mission:

To approach each home with the knowledge and background of a realtor and the eyes of a Professional stager, and supply options for a homeowner based on their wants and needs to get the home sold as soon as possible.

To apply Professional home staging techniques to transform a client’s house into a warm, inviting and elegant living space that buyers can see themselves occupying.  For the home seller, E&E Staging Professionals positions your home for a quicker, more profitable sale.  For the homeowner or new buyer, we create a warm and tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy life and everyday living. 

Let us help you get your home ready for sale, and let’s get it sold faster, and for more money!  We provide an initial consultation free of charge.  We are an objective and professional view of your house’s strengths and weaknesses, and supply the solutions to fix or amplify them. 

E&E Staging Professionals services will fit any budget and any homeowners needs.