Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staging?
Staging is the art of professionally preparing your home for sale,so that it attracts a broader range of buyers, by making it a “model home”. Staging sets the scene throughout the house to create immediate buyer interest in your property. The best way to get top dollar and sell your home quickly is to price it right and stage it great. A small investment in staging is ALWAYS less than the first price reduction.

How do you do it?

Many homeowners have decorative treasures hidden away in storage boxes, cabinets, or tucked away in closets.  Our creative sense of how objects can be used in unconventional ways gives us the ability to use ordinary items in a manner that adds character and charm to a room.

What does your service include?

E&E Staging Professionals service includes an initial consultation, a free estimate, and even making arrangements to rent furniture, accessories, artwork, linens, bedding, etc. if and where needed. We will take care of delivery, set-up, staging and de-staging once your home is sold.  We assist in the planning, organizing and decluttering of your home.  in addition, we anticipate the reactions of a potential buyer to your home, and look at your property with the eyes of a realtor and buyer. 

Why should I use your service?
Professionally staged homes sell, on average, 50% quicker and for 6-10% more than comparable homes.  That means conservatively if a home sold for $300,000 un-staged, it may have sold for $315,000 or $330,000 staged.