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WTAA - Youth Baseball - Teams - 7 - 8's




LEVEL: Coach Pitch Baseball

AGES: 7- 8 before May 1 . Each team’s roster will consist of Ten players, Not to exceed 12. To the extent that additional players are needed to round out the rosters at 7-8, a small number of players age 06 may be drafted into this level. To be eligible, a player who is age 06 must make the scheduled league tryout. Any player who is 06 that does not attend the tryout will be ineligible for the Majors draft.

TRYOUTS: All players need to attend a tryout.

DRAFT: Each team will pick a number at random. Odd number rounds will begin with team number 1 selecting first and the team with the highest number selecting last. The selection order in the even number rounds will start with the highest number team selecting first and continue in descending order with team number 1 making the final selection of the round. If a team selects a player who is paired with another player or players (including siblings), the coach must use his next pick to select those other players.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE! All managers must have an approved Little League Volunteer form on file with the WTAA Safety Officer and Approval from Waterford Twp Police Dept. before the draft begins. Managers who do not meet this requirement will be prohibited from drafting a team.  In those cases, the WTAA  representative overseeing the draft will choose players for that team.

Each team Manager may designate only 2 assistant coaches prior to the draft. Any other assistant coaches may not be named until the completion of the draft.  Only those with approved Little League volunteer forms on file with the WTAA Safety Officer prior to the start of the draft are eligible to be designated as an assistant coach. No exceptions.

No trades are permitted after the draft is completed and all of the managers have left the draft. Any exception to this rule must be first approved by the WTAA Little League Board and then the Board of Directors.

Managers must contact their players no later than 2 days after the draft is completed.

TEAM REQUESTS: Only requests for siblings to play together are required to be honored. All other requests to play with friends or a specific coach do not need to be honored. There are no exceptions to this rule. Simply stating that a player is a neighbor, friend or “I coached him/her last year” does not guarantee a manager exclusive rights to that player in the draft.

SCHEDULE: All games MUST be played as scheduled. Once the schedule is approved by the WTAA Little League Board and distributed to each manager, no games will be permitted to be rescheduled for any reason that is not weather/field condition related. If you can't make a game, have one of your coaches run the team for you.

STANDINGS / PLAYOFFS: Games scores and wins/losses are not to be recorded at this level. There are no standings or post-season playoffs.

POST-SEASON: WTAA may provide entry fees for no more than 1 post-season team to be entered into a local 8 yr old tournament.  The player selection process of these teams must follow the same process WTAA uses at the Minor, Majors, Junior and 10-11 levels. The Manager and coaches for this team will be selected by the WTAA Little League Board.

An in-houseAll Star Game may be played at the end of the season. Each manager will choose a specific number of players to participate (TBD by the number of teams in the league).


1.       The game duration is 6 innings, with a time limit of one hour and forty-five minutes. No new inning may begin after one hour and forty-five minutes. The next inning begins the moment the last out is recorded in the previous inning.

2.       A continuous batting line-up will be used with all available players in the batting order. Please mix your batting order up during the season so that the same kids are not always batting at or near the bottom of the order.

3.       A maximum of 10 defensive players may be on the field at one time. The maximum number of infielders shall be 6, including the player-pitcher and catcher.

4.       All outfielders must be positioned and remain in the grass area of the outfield. They may not come into the infield area after the ball is hit.

5.       The catcher must wear full gear, including a hanging throat guard; however, the glove may be their own and does not have to be a catcher's mitt.

6.       Each player present for the game not playing defensively in one inning must be substituted defensively in the next inning.  No player should ever sit out two innings in a row, nor should they sit out a second inning in a game until all other team members have sat out at least one inning. No less than two players shall be on the bench at one time, even if it means playing with three outfielders instead of four. We don't want one kid sitting on the bench by themselves if at all possible.

7.       There is free substitution of defensive players. The Board of Directors recommends that all players get an opportunity to play all positions within their capabilities. This includes IF and OF. All players should get the opportunity to play IF at least 1 inning each game. The only exception is when a players capabilities create a safety issue for that player.

8.       A player may play the same position a maximum of 3 innings during a game.

9.       The defensive player in the pitcher position must begin the delivery of pitch no closer to the plate than the pitching rubber.

10.   Each team may have no more than one manager and three coaches in the dugout and field. For purposes of this rule, any adult on the field or in the dugout is considered a coach (i.e. scorekeeper).

Offense - One coach pitches, one coach at first, one coach at third and one in the dugout. There must be at least one coach in the dugout at all times.

Defense - One behind the catcher and one in the outfield. The others will remain on the bench.

11.   Bases will be set at 60 feet.

12.   An outfielder must throw the ball into an infielder and not directly to the coach-pitcher.

13.   A coach will pitch the ball to his or her team under the following rules:

-          The coach must pitch from within 10 feet from the pitching rubber.

-          Coaches may pitch from the kneeling position if they prefer.

-          A batter will have 5 pitches to put the ball into play. A batter will be allowed to continue beyond the seventh pitch if he hits a foul ball. There should be no exceptions to this rule. If after 5 pitches or 3 missed swings, the batter still has not put the ball into play, it shall be considered a strike out.

-          A batted ball that strikes the coach is IN PLAY

14.   Last 6 games of the season only 

 Players will be allowed to pitch under the following guidelines:

-          1st and 2nd innings only will be kid pitch. All other innings will be coach pitch.

-          The  kid pitcher will throw from 42 feet.

-          The kid pitcher will throw no more than 4 pitches to each batter. If the batter hasn't put the ball into play after 4 pitches, the coach pitcher will throw up to three additional pitches to the batter. If after 7 total pitches or 3 missed swings, the batter still has not put the ball into play, it shall be considered a strike out. A batter will be allowed to continue beyond the seventh pitch if he hits a foul ball.

-          Pitch count limits and required days of rest shall be adhered to as outlined in the 2010 Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules (the Green Book).


15.   Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.

16.   The side is retired after 3 outs have been made or the offensive team bats their entire lineup.

17.   Stealing is not allowed.

18.   Bunting is not allowed.

19.   The infield fly rule is not in effect.

20.   There are no walks.

21.   A batter hit by a pitch will not be awarded first base.

22.   Runners may advance one base on an overthrow that goes out of play.

23.   Fielders may not interfere with runner in the base path unless making a play on the ball.

24.  Runners and hitters may continue around the bases on a batted ball until the play is declared over

24.   The Home team is responsible for setting up the bases, lining and raking the field before the game and providing the game balls.

25.   The Away team is responsible for putting the bases away and raking the field after the game. Both teams are responsible for picking up all trash that is left in their dug-outs.

26.   The Home team will take the 1st base dugout/bench area. The Away team will take the 3rd base dugout/bench area.

27.   Infield practice before the game will be evenly divided as follows: The Away team may take the field for 15 minutes, starting 35 minutes before game time. The Home team may take the field for 15 minutes, starting 20 minutes before game time. If a preceding game or weather delay does not allow for 30 minutes of infield practice, the available time will be divided evenly amongst the Away and Home teams.