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Waterford Township Athletic Association Basketball Rules

2011-2012 RULES


1. The league shall be comprised of separate boys and girls divisions if player enrollment allows. Otherwise co-ed teams will be organized where applicable.

2. WTAA divisions will be comprised of 3 separate grade/age groups: 

       - Grades 3-4 (maximum age of 11 years old) 

       - Grades 5-6 (maximum age of 13 years old)

       - Grades 7-8 (maximum age of 15 years old) 

3. No player can exceed the maximum age of his/her age group before September 1 of the current season. The maximum ages were retrieved from South Jersey league play to make sure WTAA follows other league play at this level.

4. No player will be permitted to play in a grade less than their grade during the current season unless permission is received by the WTAA Executive Board & the WTAA Commissioner of Basketball. Each case will be reviewed individually by the WTAA Board.

5. Rosters: 

   a. Each team in each grade grouping will be allowed to carry no more than 10 players on the roster, for said team, at any time during the season (playoffs included). 

   b. A final roster must contain the jersey number for each player named on the roster along with name, grade, contact number, email address and age. 

6. Each team in each grade will play 10-12 games during the current season, in addition to playoffs for grades 5th and higher. All teams will make the playoffs in each division. The first two teams in the standings will get a bye from the First round of the playoffs. The winners will play for the championship. You must be ready to play as soon as the playoff teams and game schedules have been determined or the team who cannot make the scheduled time will automatically forfeit the game. 

7. Any WTAA sponsored postseason tournaments will be decided upon at a later time. Costs associated with any tournament games will be in addition to the normal costs of the regular season. 

8. No new teams and/or players will be allowed to join the league after December 10th of the current season. By this time uniforms will be ordered and games will begin in January. 

9. Late Registration fee will be assessed after Thanksgiving Day at the discretion of the WTAA Commissioner. This fee will be $25.00 payable at the time of registration on top of the actual registration fee. 


1. All games will be comprised of 4 quarters of 8 minutes each for 5th grade and higher. The clock will be stopped on all referee's whistles. 3rd and 4th grade will be comprised of 4 Quarters of 7 minutes each. There will be a rolling clock in these games. Clock will stop at 3.5 minutes of each quarter to allow for substitutions, etc and the clock will restart. 

2. In the event of a tie game at the end of regulation time, a 3 minute overtime period will be played. In the event of a tie game at the end of the first overtime period, a second 3 minute overtime period will be played. In the event of a tie at the end of the second overtime period the game shall be over and will be entered as a tie for each team in the league standings. (Exception: playoff games—no ties). During the overtime period(s) the clock will be stopped on all referee's whistles. This rule is made for those gyms that have several games and are in jeopardy of being backed up. If there is time and the coaches agree, the tie can be settled. There will be no overtime for 3rd and 4th grade level. 

3. Each team will be allotted a total of 4 timeouts per game during regulation time. One (1) timeout will be allotted per overtime period. Timeouts not used during regulation time cannot be carried over to the overtime period(s). All timeouts will be 1 minute in duration. 

4. WTAA Standings will be based on a point system. A team will receive 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie and 1 point for a loss. Standings, based on this point system, will be used to determine any regular season playoffs or championships. Failure of the winning team to report a game (in a timely manner) will result in loss of points for the games not reported. One point for a loss was instituted to ensure that all games are played. A scorekeeper for each game will be appointed prior to the game for reporting and recording game scores. 

5. A player will be disqualified from a game after he/she is assessed his/her 5th personal foul during a game (overtime(s) included).

6. A coach or player will be disqualified from a game and asked to leave the gymnasium after he/she receives his/her 2nd technical foul during a game (overtime(s) included). 

7. Any situation involving disqualification, from a game, for other than exceeding the maximum number of allowable personal fouls, will result in the automatic suspension from the next scheduled game for the player/coach involved. All such incidents will be subject to further review by the WTAA Basketball Commissioner and by the WTAA Board Members. Any player/coach involved in 2 such incidents, in a single season (playoffs included), will be suspended for the remainder of that season (including any playoffs/postseason tournaments). No refund will be given from the WTAA for games not played by a player. There will be no volunteer refund for coaches, hall monitors, time keepers etc. WTAA assistance is on a voluntary basis. 

8. Ten foot (regulation height) baskets will be used for all grade/age groups in both divisions. 

9. In the 3-4 grade divisions, foul shots can be taken with the shooter starting with his/her heels on the foul line. In all other grade/age groups foul shots will be taken from the regulation distance of 15 ft. 

10. All teams in the girls division and in the 3-4 boys grade/age group will use a women's regulation size (28.5) ball for all games. 

11. All teams in the boys 5-6 and 7-8 grade/age groups will use a men's regulation size ball for all games. 

12. Home teams must supply a game ball in "good" condition. 

13. All players, on the same team, must have game shirts which match in color and lettering. All game shirts must have a number on the front or back. Exceptions can be agreed upon, between the coaches along with the consent of the referee(s), prior to the start of the game. 

14. Normal substitution rules will be employed for all games except for previous mentioned stoppage of play for 3rd & 4th grade. 

15. Teams may start a game with 4 players. Upon arrival, the 5th player may enter the game at the next whistle stopping play. The opposing team has the discretion of starting with 4 or 5 players in such a situation. 

16. Home team will be responsible for game clock and scoreboard for each game. "Flip" type scoreboards are permissible if clock is not available. 

17. Home team will provide a scorekeeper and timekeeper for each game. 

18. Home team will be responsible for providing a score book for each game. 

19. Team rosters must be entered into the score book prior to the start of the game. 

20. Pressing….. Only half court defense is permitted in the 3-4 grades in both the boys and girls divisions. No pressing at all. (Amended January 2012) 20a. In the boys and girls 5-6 & 7-8 grade, full court defense is permitted only in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters. In overtime, full court defense is permitted in the last minute of the game. (Amended January 2012) 21. 3-point shots are permitted at every level with the exception of 3-4 grade level and if the line is available on the playing court only. 


1. All regular season games will be scheduled by the WTAA Commissioner / Director by the December 15th prior to the start of the season. (Tentatively first week in January) 

2. The Director or Commissioner will be responsible for arranging to have the appropriate number of referees scheduled for each regular season game. 

3. Changes to the date, time or location of a regular season game can be agreed upon by the coaches of the two teams involved. Any changes to the league regular season schedule must be communicated to the Commissioner at least 72 hours prior to the requested change. The Director / Commissioner will then be responsible for notifying the referee's scheduler and making arrangements to have the appropriate number of referees available for the rescheduled game. 

4. In the event of an emergency cancellation (less than 24 hours prior to game time), of a regular season game, it will be the responsibility of the team requesting the cancellation to notify the referee's scheduler, the Director / Commissioner, and the opposing team's coach of the cancellation. It will also be the responsibility of the team requesting the cancellation to make all of the necessary arrangements for a makeup game. 

5. Any team failing to show for a scheduled regular season game and failing to properly notify its players, the opponent, and the league and/or referees in a timely manner will be assessed a forfeit loss in the league standings. If the referees show up for a cancelled game, the team that initiated the postponement will pay the ref(s). The first occurrence of a forfeit will result in the opposing team being assessed a forfeit win. 


1. Coaches / Assistant Coaches will be assigned for games in the 3-4 grades in both the girls and boys divisions. Coaches will referee their own games and discuss before the game how they will call the game. 

2. Two referees will be assigned for games in the 5-6 and 7-8 grade in both the girls and boys divisions 

3. Teams can agree to play without paid referees in the event the scheduled referee(s) does/do not arrive by game time. Selection of the "volunteer" referees will be at the discretion of the opposing teams' coaches. 

3. Tournament Only - Each team will be responsible for paying, in cash, one half of the referee's fee for each game prior to the start of the game. In the event one of the two teams scheduled to participate in the game fails to show, at the scheduled time and location, the team which is present will pay the entire referee's fee. This team will then notify the league and will be reimbursed for one half of the amount of the referee's fee. The team failing to show for the scheduled game will be assessed a forfeit loss in the league standings. (Amended January 2012) 

4. Any Coach / Assistant Coach of any team failing to show up for a scheduled game will pay the ref(s) fee for the game in the case if the ref(s) are not notified properly and show up at the scheduled game. This will be enforced at the WTAA Basketball Commissioner’s discretion. 

5. Each of the rules in this section applies to regular season and playoff/postseason tournament games unless stated differently. 


1. A volunteer or parent can be considered a hall monitor. The individual(s) must be approved by the coaches who are playing the game. Hall monitors must be 17 years of age or older.

2. A Hall Monitors duty is to watch the school grounds and to watch the activity around the bathroom areas. No Hall Monitors will linger in the bathrooms at anytime. They should be stationed in a common area which has plain site of the facilities and entrances & exits. 

3. If there is any mischief or activity that poses a threat to the security of the school, they will be asked to contact the respective Director/Commissioner immediately. They will in no way take any physical action except to pull the fire alarm in case of such an emergency. All activity will be assessed in case of an emergency & 911 will be dialed to reach the Waterford Police Department. 

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